Audit a Course

Auditing a Course

Did you know you can attend a class and have no obligation to complete homework, projects or take tests? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, auditing a course might be for you!

Whether you take a course for credit or audit, you’ll pay the same tuition and fees. If you audit a course, you won’t receive a grade or any credit for the course, but you also won’t be obligated to complete any coursework.

What happens if you want to switch between credit and audit during the quarter? Students auditing classes may change from audit to credit on or before the tenth day (eighth day of summer quarter) of the quarter. However, a change from credit to audit requires instructor permission and must be made on or before the fortieth day (twenty-seventh day of summer) of the quarter.

If you decide to audit a class, your transcript will show an "N" in the grade column (enrollment under non-credit status). To audit a class or get more information, visit Hawk Central!

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